5000 & 4000 Series Automatic Flow Control, 2 & 3 Stage Brushless Blower Retro-Fit Kits (with Networking & Communication Capabilities)



Product Highlights

  • Networking & Communication Capabilities
  • Automatic/PID Mass Flow Control
  • Fits Standard 15” x 15” Hi-Vol Cabinets
  • 2 & 3 Stage Brushless Blower configurations
  • Communication Options:
    1. 2 selectable RS232/RS485 ports
    2. CDMA/GSM: SMS messages to/from up to 8 phone numbers
    3. 4-20 mA and/or 0-10 VDC Analog Output
    4. Remote or Local Data Acquisition/Logging
    5. Remote Access Utility for Controlling Sampler


HI-Q’s 5000 and 4000-Series 2 & 3 Stage Brushless Blower, Automatic Flow Control Retro-Fit Kits are intended to either upgrade existing mass flow control systems, or can completely convert existing standard Brushed & Brushless Manual Speed Control High Volume Air Samplers.

HI-Q’s 5000 and 4000-Series Retro-Fit Kits include a 2 or 3 stage brush-less blower, mounted in series with a Mass Flow Sensor to a flat motor mount/support plate. The kit also includes a pre-programmed controller (PLC) with mounting panel, grounded power cord and all the necessary kit mounting hardware. When ordering, please specify volumetric units and power requirements.

Additional information


5200AFC-BRLKIT or 4200AFC-BRLKIT (2-stage) (115 VAC), 5200AFC-BRLKIT/230 or 4200AFC-BRLKIT/230 (2-stage) (230 VAC), 5300AFC-BRLKIT or 4300AFC-BRLKIT (3-stage) (115 VAC), 5300AFC-BRLKIT/230 or 4300AFC-BRLKIT/230 (3-stage) (230 VAC)