Calibrator Adapter Fittings


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Air Flow Calibrators are generally used to verify the displayed sample flow rate accuracy of complete air sampling systems. Along with the flow measuring device to be calibrated, it is recommended that a “Complete” system for calibration should also include the actual filter holder and filter media in order to duplicate realistic pressure drops experienced in a true sampling environment. The following adapters allow a technician to connect an Air Flow Calibrator at the end of (open to air) an “In-Line” High, Medium or Low Volume Air Sampling calibration set up.

Standard Calibration set-up, from right to left, (as shown in picture) is as follows: 1.) Open to Air, 2.) Air Flow Calibrator, 3.) Calibrator Adapter Fitting, 4.) Filter Holder & Media, 5.) Flow meter to be Calibrated, 6.) Flow Control Valve, and finally 7.) Vacuum Pump.

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CFA-20-CA (combination), CFA-25-CA (combination), CFPA-30-CA (paper only), CFPA-35-CA (paper only), RVA-10-CA (combination), RVA-15-CA (combination), RVA-2-CA (combination), RVA-5-CA (combination), RVPA-10-CA (paper only), RVPA-15-CA (paper only), RVPA-2-CA (paper only), RVPA-5-CA (paper only)