AKI, AK-1375F4, AK-1375TH, C-9, & SF200 – Annular Kinetic Impactor Heads, with Adjustable Stopping Distances




HI-Q Environmental Products Company’s AK-Series adjustable Annular Kinetic Impactor Heads are designed for collecting alpha, beta, & gamma-emitting contaminants, plutonium fission, Radon decay products and size specific dust particles. By adjusting the stopping distance (nozzle to impactor plate distance) and varying the particle velocities an operator can collect size specific dust particles. The AKI is currently being used in the field at 30 CFM with a ¼” gap to collect particles of 2.5µm and larger on the greased impaction plate. For a particle cut size of 10µm or larger a flow rate of 5-6 CFM through either of the AK-1375 series Impactors is recommended.

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AK-1375F4, AK-1375TH, AKI, C-10, C-5A, C-9, SF200