Manual Speed Control, Brushless Blower Retrofit Kits




The BRL-3000M & BRL-3300M Series Retro-Fit Kits are for the conversion of Brushed, Shelter Type, High Volume units to complete Manual Speed Flow Controlled, 2 or 3 Stage Brushless Blower High Volume Air Samplers.
This blower pump package converts standard high volume air samplers to brushless mo-tor, adjustable flow rate units. The easy to install package consists of a 2 or 3 -Stage brushless blower, motor speed controller, motor mounting plate with right angle shock mount support brackets and venturi tube pressure sensor mounted in the blowers exhaust. The pressure tap on the venturi tube can be connected to an existing water manometer, standard rotometer or other pressure recording device. A Rotometer with markable blank scale and bypass adjustment needle valve, electronic elapsed resettable timer, hard wired Power Toggle Switch, 8 foot power cord, fuse holder/fuse & Control/Display mounting panel (in which to mount all the retro-fit options) can be purchased separately. NIST traceable Custom calibration is also available.

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BRL-3000M (2-Stage) (115 VAC), BRL-3000M/230 (2-Stage) (230 VAC), BRL-3300M (3-Stage) (115 VAC), BRL-3300M/230 (3-Stage) (230 VAC)