PM10 Inlet – Size Selective Sampling Inlet




HI-Q Environmental Products Company’s High Volume PM-10 Size Selective Inlet samples suspended particulate in the air at a flow rate of 40 CFM through its omnidirectional head. The air is then accelerated through multiple internal nozzles toward a greased collection plate. Due to their larger momentum, particles greater than 10 microns cannot negotiate the air stream turn, thereby colliding and adhering to the collection plate. Due to the difference in stopping distances the thoracic particles smaller than or equal to 10 microns are carried through, where they are collected on pre-weighed filter paper. The weight increase of the filter paper is considered the mass of PM-10 collected. The mass concentration of PM-10’s is determined by dividing the particulate mass by the volume of air sampled. The “PM10-INLET” is adaptable to all of HI-Q’s HVP-Series cabinets.

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