CF-5624-WR – 24VDC, Weather Proof, Variable Speed, Brushless Blower, Battery Operated Air Sampler



Product Highlights

  • Weather Proof Enclosure
  • Omni-Directional Inlet
  • Automatic Flow Control with On-Board Start Stop Timers and Flow Totalizer
  • Ultra-low Amp Draw Optimized to Minimize Solar Power Requirements
  • Brushless Blower
  • For Continuous Use


Motor/Pump: 24 Volt DC, 1.5 Amp Max Amp Draw, Brushless Blower, Max VAC:24” H2O
Unit Weight: 10 lbs. (without battery)
Housing: 13” x 13” x 13” White Powder Coated Aluminum Cabinet
Inlet: Anodized Aluminum Omni-Directional, Weather Proof
Max Flow Rate: 4.5 CFM (w/ FP1441-102, 4” Dia.)
2.5 CFM (w/ FP5211-20, 2” Dia.)
Filter Holders & Adapters: Unit includes 4” filter holder
Use WRA-4CF adapter for CF-Series holders
Flow Calibrator: HFC-XX-S (Special low pressure drop calibrator, XX is maximum flow rate)
Filter Paper: See Filter Paper for Air Sampling


The CF-5624-WR is optimized to use the minimum amount of electrical power in order to decrease the cost of implementing a solar powered air sampling system. The CF-5624-WR low power requirements also allow extended run times when used with battery only power. The 24 VDC brushless blower has a maximum amp draw of 1.5 Amps for a maximum power requirement of 36 Watts. The CF-5624-WR is designed for continuous use. The white powder coated aluminum weather proof enclosure is designed to minimize solar heat gain through the use of a dual wall construction that also serves to diffuse the blower exhaust through the external louvers to prevent contaminating the sampler environment with dust from the surrounding ground. The inlet features a 4” filter holder that accepts the weather proof, omni-directional inlet. 47mm and 2” filter holders can be installed under the inlet with the use of the WRA-4CF adapter and the applicable CF series filter holder. The digital display shows instantaneous flow rate, total volume sampled and elapsed time. The built in flow controller provides automatic set point flow control as well as built-in programmable timers for sampler control and on-board data logging. Custom CF-5624-WR samplers can be provided with internal batteries and chargers.

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