CF-993B Series – Internal Battery Operated Portable, Fixed Speed Air Sampler



Product Highlights

  • Internally Mounted 12 Volt Battery & Battery Charger
  • Timer Controlled Air Sampling (Programmable)
  • Instantaneous Air Flow Rate Indicator
  • N.I.S.T. Traceable Calibration
  • 2-Stage Brushed Blower
  • For Continuous or Intermittent Use


Motor/Pump: 12 Volt DC, 8.5 Max Amp Draw, 2-stage, centrifugal blower.
Battery: 12V, 26 A.H., Sealed/Maintenance-Free Rechargeable Battery. Average continuous run time is over 2 hours when used @ ambient conditions and a draw of 8.2 Amps.
Battery Charger: Internally mounted, solid state 12 volt DC charger. Nominal output current of 4.0 Amps with supply voltages of 110/120 VAC, 60 Hz. A lower output  current of 2.0 Amps if using switchable style 230/115 VAC, 50/60 Hz charger.
Battery Specs.: 18.7 lbs., sealed construction, immobilized gel electrolyte.
Unit Weight: 36 lbs. (with internal Charger & Battery)
Shipping Weight: Total 39 lbs., 2 Boxes 8” x 8” x 6” & 13” x 11½” x 16¼”
Housing: 10¼” x 10” x 14¼”, Aluminum cabinet, primed & painted with 2-component polyurethane paint.
Max Flow Rate: CF-993B 95 LPM (w/ FP2063-20, 2” Dia.) & 55 LPM (w/ FP5211-20, 2” Dia.)
Max Flow Rate: CF-993B-4 185 LPM (w/ FP2063-102, 4” Dia.) & 142 LPM (w/ FP5211-102, 4” Dia.)
Filter Holders & Adapters: See Filter Holders
Flow Calibrator: See Air Flow Calibrators
Filter Paper: See Filter Paper For Air Sampling
Filter Cartridges: See Analytical Cartridges


HI-Q’s CF-993B & CF-993B-4 are ideal for remote location air sampling where line power is not available. An internally mounted sealed 12 Volt battery and battery charger eliminate the need for the transportation of cumbersome battery cables and the awkward handling of heavy batteries. The timer has 10 programmable timing functions with a wide time range. The flow rate of the CF-993B series air samplers are dependent upon the pressure drop across the collection filter media being used. If line power is available, sampling time can be extended by running line voltage to the charger while sampling. Due to the difference in Amp draw of the motor versus amperage output of the charger in the standard CF-993B, the unit will eventually stop running and need to be fully recharged. Upon Ordering, please specify intended filter media type and size.

Continuous AC powered air sampling is now possible on the CF-993B & CF-993B-4 with the addition of HI-Q’s optional, internally mounted, AC/DC RELAY. The AC/DC Relay can be added to existing, or supplied with new units to allow continuous sampling where AC Power is available.

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CF-993B (115 VAC), CF-993B-4 (115 VAC), CF-993B-4/230 (230 VAC), CF-993B/230 (230 VAC)