HVP-3300BRL & HVP-3000BRL Series



Product Highlights

  • Brushless, 2 or 3 Stage Blower
  • Manual Speed Control
  • Actual Flow Reading
  • For Continuous Use
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Elapsed, Resettable, Electronic Timer
  • Applicable to EPA’s 40 CFR, 50, App. B
  • PM-10 Adaptable!


Motor/Pump: Brushless, 2 or 3 Stage Centrifugal Blower.
Housing: Anodized Aluminum Outdoor Shelter with lockable control panel door and filter media roof. See model # HVP-2000 for overall cabinet dimensions.
Display: Illuminated, Graphic LCD Screen
Calibrated Flow Range: (HVP-3000/3300BRL) 10-50 CFM (CMM or LPM unit calibration upon request)
Calibrated Flow Range: (HVP-3004/3304BRL) 5-35 CFM (CMM or LPM unit calibration upon request)
Elapsed Timer: Electronic, Resettable Hours & Tenths of Hours, LCD read out, 5 year internal battery.
Unit Net Weight: 57 lbs.
Shipping Weights & Dimensions: 20” x 20” x 50” @ 52 lbs. (Box 1)
18” x 18” x 24” @ 10 lbs. (Box 2)
HVP-3300/4BRL Power
Specs & Max Vac Capacity:
115 VAC, 50/60Hz.,10 Amp, 800 Watts/ Max Vacuum: 85” H20
230 VAC, 50/60Hz., 10.5 Amp, 1200 Watts/ Max Vacuum: 118” H20
HVP-3000/4BRL Power
Specs & Max Vac Capacity:
115 VAC, 50/60Hz., 5.0 Amp, 250 Watts/ Max Vacuum: 49” H20
230 VAC, 50/60Hz., 4.5 Amp,400 Watts/ Max Vacuum: 39” H20
Flow Calibrator: See Air Flow Calibrators
Filter Paper: See Filter Paper For Air Sampling
PM-10: See Size Selective Inlets
Options: Modular Cabinet Design, Automatic Filter Shield, 8” x 10” Filter Cartridge, continuous Flow/Pressure Recorder, Electronic & Mechanical Skip Timers & more.


These High Volume Air Samplers are housed in a clear-anodized aluminum outdoor shelter. The Brushless, two or three stage centrifugal fan blower can be used for particulate sampling with either a 4” diameter or 8” x 10” filter paper holder. The blower motor has a variable speed control feature which allows the operator to select a flow rate up to the capacity of the pump. Select the air sampler which best fits your needs: Choose the 2-stage, 250 watt brushless blower for typical air sampling environments, or, when the sampling application requires a stronger overall vacuum capacity, select the 3-stage, 800 Watt system (for 230 Volt applications see ratings below). When ordering, please specify volumetric units and power requirements.

For PM-10 sampling, see the Size Selective Inlets section of this catalog.
For Filter Paper, see the Filter Media for Air Sampling section of this catalog.
For Calibrators, see the Air Flow Calibrators, Adapters and Calibration Services section of this catalog.

For Replacement Blowers, see the Air Sampling Accessories section of this catalog.

Additional information


HVP-3000BRL (2-Stage) (115 VAC), HVP-3000BRL/230 (2-Stage) (230 VAC), HVP-3004BRL (2-Stage, 4” Dia.) (115 VAC), HVP-3004BRL/230 (2-Stage, 4” Dia.) (230 VAC), HVP-3300BRL (3-Stage) (115 VAC), HVP-3300BRL/230 (3-Stage) (230 VAC), HVP-3304BRL (3-Stage, 4” Dia.) (115 VAC), HVP-3304BRL/230 (3-Stage, 4” Dia.) (230 VAC)