CF-1512-VBRL & CF-1524-VBRL – Variable Speed, Brushless Blower, Battery Operated Air Sampler



Product Highlights

  • 3-Stage Brushless Motor Blower
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Low Amp Draw
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • Elapsed, Resettable Sample Timer
  • Ideal for Solar Powered Air Sampling Stations


Motor/Pump: CF-1512-VBRL 12 Volt DC, Brushless Motor, Centrifugal Blower.
Motor/Pump: CF-1524-VBRL 24 Volt DC, Brushless Motor, Centrifugal Blower.
Unit Weight: 9 lbs. (without battery & cables)
Shipping Weight: Total 12 lbs., 1 Box 11¼” x 10” x 13¼”
Housing: 10” x 9” x 11½”, Aluminum cabinet, primed & painted with 2-component polyurethane paint.
Approx. Max Flow Rate: CF-1512-VBRL 6.5 CFM (w/ FP2063-102, 4” Dia.) & 3.0 CFM (w/ FP2063-20, 2” Dia.)
Approx. Max Flow Rate: CF-1524-VBRL 9.5 CFM (w/ FP2063-102, 4” Dia.) & 4.0 CFM (w/ FP2063-20, 2” Dia.)
Filter Holders & Adapters: See Filter Holders. Unit includes a 4” dia. filter paper holder which may be adapted down to accept “CF” series holders.
Flow Calibrator: See Air Flow Calibrators
Filter Paper: See Filter Paper For Air Sampling
Filter Cartridges: See Analytical Cartridges


Due to the variable speed flow rate control, brushless maintenance free blower and portability, the CF-1512-VBRL is considered to be “The Ideal External Battery Operated Air Sampler”. The brushless blower used in the CF-1512-VBRL draws a maximum of 3.0 Amps at 6.5 CFM, permit-ting longer sampling times on a single battery charge. For higher maximum flow rates, with minimal Amp draw, consider using the CF-1524-VBRL which draws a maximum of 6.0 Amps while sampling at a controllable flow rate of 9.5 CFM.
The 12 & 24 VDC, CF-1500-VBRL Series units (without batteries & cables) each weigh less than nine pounds, which simplifies system setup and transportation. See “Air Sampling Accessories” section of this catalog for optional 12/24 Volt DC Portable Power Source (P/N: PPS-12/24-VDC).

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CF-1512-VBRL (12 Volt DC), CF-1524-VBRL (24 Volt DC)