RV11-0211, RV23-0523, & RV23-1023 – Replacement Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Parts & Service Kits


The Oilless Rotary Vane, Air Sampling Pumps incorporated in HI-Q’s continuous duty air sampling systems have “Lubricated-for-Life” ball bearings which leaves the internal workings virtually maintenance free. The only servicing needed is the occasional replacement of vanes, “O” Rings,
filters, and gaskets when they become worn. Many variables determine the life expectancy of a pump, such as ambient temperature, operating cycle/speed, duty level, condition of air handled and unit maintenance. HI-Q recommends inspecting the pump system every 2,000 hours. Inspection is done within a few minutes by removing a few bolts and the pump end casting which exposes the rotor and vanes.

Ordering Information

System Model Number XXX-0211CRNV XXX-0523CV XXX-1023CV
Replacement Motor/Pump RV11-0211 RV23-0523 RV23-1023
Service Kits (Includes 4 Vanes) K218 K478 K479
Single Replacement Vanes (4 Required) AA348A AH850A AK513
Filter/Muffler End Cap Assembly AA617G AK526 AK526
8 Foot 14/3 Grounded Power Cord AA816 AA816 AA816

– 0523 & 1023 Service kits include: 4 Carbon Vanes, 2 Felt Filters, 1 Motor Gasket and 2 Felt Filter End Cap Assembly “O”-Rings.
– 0211 Service kits include: 4 Carbon Vanes, 1 Body Spacer, 2 Muffler Jar Cover Gaskets, & 4 Felt Filters.