WH-36 & WH-40 – Instrument Weather House


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Overall Dimensions (w/ Standard Legs): 48”Tall x 26”Deep x 32”Wide”
Overall Dimensions (w/ Extended Legs): 67”Tall x 26”Deep x 32”Wide”
Overall Cabinet Dimensions (w/o legs): 24”Tall x 26”Deep x 32”Wide”
Assembled Weight (w/ Standard Legs): 42 pounds (WH-36) & 45 pounds (WH-40)”
Material- House/Doors: 0.09”Sheet Aluminum
Standard Legs (Welded U-Frame Set): 30”Tall 1.5”x 1.5” (0.90”Aluminum)
Extended Legs (Welded U-Frame Set w/ Cross Braces): 49”Tall x 1.75”x 1.75” (0.125”Aluminum)
Access Doors: Two doors, one on each long side mounted on heavy duty piano hinges giving full 26”wide x 14”tall free access from both sides of the house.
Security: Double thumb-twist locks with pad lockable hasp on each access door.
Material Finishing: Material is acid wash primed and then painted with
2-component, high solid polyurethane paint with a bake finish.
Color Options: Stocked Colors are White & Blue. Other Custom colors are available upon request.


HI-Q’s Instrument Weather House with its heavy gauge, primed and painted, aluminum body is ideal for protecting instruments from harsh outdoor sampling environments. The WH-36 & 40 series Instrument Weather Houses conveniently house and protect air sampling and other instrumentation. Two, large, 14” x 26” heavy duty piano hinged access doors allow an operator to conveniently mount and maintain instrumentation and equipment. Both access doors may be closed with twist pins and then secured with a padlock.

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WH-36, WH-40