TFIA-4BC – 12/24 VDC, Fixed Speed Air Samplers




Motor/Pump: 12/24 Volt DC, 2-stage centrifugal blower.
Amp Draw: 6.0 @ 12 Volts & 10 .0 @ 24 Volts.
Battery Cables: 8 Foot Battery Cables included.
Unit Weight: 12 lbs.
Shipping Weight: Total 14 lbs., 1 Box, 10½” x 10½” x 13¼”
Unit Dimensions: 8½” x 7½” x 7½”
Max Flow Rate: 12 Volts DC 8 CFM (w/ FP2063-102, 4” Dia.)
16 CFM (w/ FP2063-810, 8” x 10”)
Max Flow Rate: 24 Volts DC 17 CFM (w/ FP2063-102, 4” Dia.)
26 CFM (w/ FP2063-810, 8” x 10”)
Filter Holders & Adapters: Unit includes a 4” Dia. paper only holder. Accepts 8” x 10” CF Holder.
Batteries: Call for Quote


The TFIA-4BC is identical in configuration to the TFIA accepting the same TFIA options (excluding speed controller) as the AC power version depicted in the Portable HI-Volume Air Sampler section of this catalog. The TFIA-4BC operates on two automotive batteries in series, or for half the flow rate with one 12 Volt Automotive Battery (Batteries not included). See “Air Sampling Accessories” section of this catalog for optional 12/24 Volt DC Portable Power Source (P/N: PPS-12/24-VDC).

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