PSU Series – Outdoor Rated, Continuous Duty, Mobile Cart Air Sampling Systems


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Product Highlights

  • Weather Proof Aluminum Enclosure
  • Completely Securable for Maintaining Chain of Custody
  • Telescoping Inlet for Breathing-Zone Air Sampling
  • Instantaneous N.I.S.T. Traceable Flow Reading
  • Electronic, Resettable, Elapsed Timer
  • Automatic Flow Control Valve
  • Continuous Duty, Oilless Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
  • Flow Ranges from 0 to 7.0 CFM
  • “High Efficiency” Omni directional particulate inlet head available
  • NRTL listed with TUV SUD*


This extremely popular, outdoor rated continuous duty air sampling system is intended for secure outdoor ambient particulate and/or gaseous air sampling. The pump, control valve, and control panel are all hard mounted in a heavy gauge TIG welded aluminum, fully lockable, fan cooled, weather proof enclosure. The control panel houses the power switch, fuse protection, resettable electronic timer and either an analog or digital flow display. The telescoping sampling inlets are adjust-able in height to allow for breathing zone air sampling. HI-Q’s MCV-260 mechanical flow control valve maintains a constant flow ±5% of the operator pre-set flow rate (up to the maximum capacity of the pump). The PSU is available with either a ¼ or ¾ HP oilless rotary vane vacuum pump.

Optional Calibrated Flow Displays:

Digital Flow Display – Panel mounted NIST traceable digital flow meter, custom calibrated per ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 using customer supplied filter media. The digital panel meter has a 15 point linearization table that relates differential pressure to flow, and is accurately compensated for filter loading. The digital panel meter displays instantaneous flow, minimum/maximum flow, and total volume of air sampled. The minimum, maximum and total sample volume are user resettable. The digital panel meter has optional plug in cards that allow DeviceNet, RS-232, RS-485 communications as well as analog signal output and relay outputs for alarms. To order complete with PSU see ordering information. To order separately as a retro-fit kit for existing PSU’s use PN: PSU-DIG.
Analog Flow Display – Panel mounted NIST trace-able rotameter, custom calibrated per ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 using customer supplied filter media.

Additional information


PSU-2 (115 VAC), PSU-2-D (115 VAC), PSU-2-D/230 (230 VAC), PSU-2-GN (115 VAC), PSU-2-GN-R&WS (115 VAC), PSU-2-GN-R&WS/230 (230 VAC), PSU-2-GN/230 (230 VAC), PSU-2-H (115 VAC), PSU-2-H-D (115 VAC), PSU-2-H-D/230 (230 VAC), PSU-2-H/230 (230 VAC), PSU-2-RHLB-RV (115 VAC), PSU-2-RHLB-RV/230 (230 VAC), PSU-2/230 (230 VAC), PSU-3 (115 VAC), PSU-3-D (115 VAC), PSU-3-D/230 (230 VAC), PSU-3-GN (115 VAC), PSU-3-GN-R&WS (115 VAC), PSU-3-GN-R&WS/230 (230 VAC), PSU-3-GN/230 (230 VAC), PSU-3-H (115 VAC), PSU-3-H-D (115 VAC), PSU-3-H-D/230 (230 VAC), PSU-3-H/230 (230 VAC), PSU-3-RHLB-RV (115 VAC), PSU-3-RHLB-RV/230 (230 VAC), PSU-3/230 (230 VAC)